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United Partner Program

Promote 4 Online Casinos and 1 Spotsbooks or Operate Your Very Own Internet Casino and Receive up to 50% of the Profit Every Week!
It is possible and allowed to build a site "" around the Grand Virtual software download and to link directly to it.
Imperial Casino Partner Program pays out WEEKLY. The more profit you generate for the casino the higher the payout percentage. As a result, your percentage may vary from week to week based on the following schedule:

Weekly Casino Profit Applicable Percentage
Up to $500
$500.01 to $5000
$5000.01 to $10000
$10000.01 to $25000
$25000.01 to $50000
$50000.01 to $75000
$75000.01 to $100000
$100000.01 and above


Rewards Affiliates

Online Casino -

Rewards Affiliates, the owners and operators of Captain Cooks Casino, Casino Kingdom, Captain Cooks Poker Room and Captain Cooks Flash Casino have combined their award winning affiliate programs to deliver more profitable returns for their affiliates.

Integrity Casinos Limited sees our affiliates as business partners. It is for this reason that relationships based on mutual gain have been carefully developed; giving us the opportunity to work with our affiliates to develop a program of exceptional quality. It is with great pleasure we announce the release of the Rewards Affiliate Program, offering the following benefits:

  • No negative roll over

  • No royalties

  • 25% - 35% commission on Net gaming revenue from casino players

  • 25% commission on net rake from poker players

  • Up to 5.5% affiliate referral commission down to 5 tiers

  • Ability to track traffic via specific creative

  • Ability to create and track traffic via specific campaigns

  • Accurate, on-time commission payments real time stats display

As owners and operators of the successful Captain Cooks and Casino Kingdom affiliate programs, Integrity Casinos have built on their experience to bring you an even more financially rewarding affiliate experience.

Visit us today and sign up to enjoy the full benefits of the Integrity Casinos Affiliate Program.


Gambling Federation

Promote an existing Casino or customize your own!
We offer you a selection of 2 options to choose from when deciding how you wish to promote your Casino. The first option is you simply choose to promote an existing Casino and the second option consists of full customization of your own Casino, with your choice of Casino Name, Web Address, Website and Casino graphics. Gambling Federation has designed this program to maximize our affiliates marketing efforts. For example, choose to promote an existing casino and tackle the entire market or customize your own Casino and target your marketing to a specific segment.

Weekly Net Gaming Revenue
Net Profit (%)
up to $500
$501 to $5,000
$5,001 to $15,000
$15,001 to $30,000
$30,001 to $40,000
$40,001 to $70,000
$70,001 to $100,000

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